PBD Architects + Project Managers work closely with clients in analysing the market at concept stage, ensuring the end product is designed not only to be of the highest aesthetic standard but also meet the intended target market.

We believe working closely with clients and exploring various options at concept stage is critical in achieving an outcome which responds to the brief and minimises project risk.

Feasibility/ Concept Studies

PBD Architects and Project Managers are often engaged to prepare feasibility studies on raw sites. This analysis is most beneficial when prepared in conjunction with a workable planning concept highlighting a sites full potential and identifying controls/ parameters which may effect the end product.

This form of risk mitigation is then translated to a numerical analysis of projected sales for the area, financial feasibility and assessment as well as any anticipated future costs and levies. Early due diligence in this form ensures the right approach for a site is pursued and ultimately project success for client and Architect.

Master Planning

Regardless of the size, scale and complexity of a development, the final built form must be a reflection of the Architects response to a variety of complex macro-scale issues. The PBD team maintains a holistic approach to master planning and urban design- we believe in formalizing an approach to address key issues of existing site conditions, the immediate urban environment and the public domain early on in the design process.

This ensures urban design/ master-planning concepts have the opportunity to develop in detail throughout the Architectural and Documentation process.


Project Management

PBD Architectural projects benefit from and take advantage of an in-house Project Management team. A myriad of experience stemming from a Development/ Project Management background ensures issues of quality, cost and time-frame form part of an “integrated design process” in collaboration with the Architect.

PBD Architects and Project Managers have the ability to take a project through to completion incorporating and utilizing initial feasibility studies as a backbone and driver for the final development outcome.


PBD Architects have a passion for Architecture and are committed to all things Design.

A strong desire to learn and understand each individual end user needs from project inception ensures the final built form is a reflection of not only the Architects early vision for the site but also the intended target market.

Architectural services include:

–  Sketch Design/ Concept Studies

–  Council Submissions

–  Contract Documentation

–  Contract Administration

–  Interior Design

Maintaining a history and developing a continuing role in design and detailing from sketch stage to contract documentation makes certain the original concept is carried through to the end product.


Development Management

Local and overseas Investors both private and corporate see the benefit in utilizing PBD’s Development Management skills to take projects through from site acquisition to building procurement. Clients often prefer removing themselves from the development process and allow for project reporting as a basis of monitoring the viability of their project.





Marketing/ Branding

Recent volatility in the market has highlighted the importance of early resolution of issues of design, interiors and development branding.

We believe creative branding is a collaboration of marketing stemming from building design, attributes of the site as well as intricacies of the intended target market. Working with the Architects and Managers early on in the development project ensures neither of these components are isolated throughout the marketing and sales campaign.

Marketing/ Branding services include:

–  Marketing Floor Plans

–  Sales websites

–  Building name generation and logo development

–  Brochure design and mail-out documentation

–  Sale suite design and coordination

–  Site signage

–  Collaboration with sales agents