Senior Housing, Beecroft

The subject site known as 6‐8 Malton Road, Beecroft is of a rectangular shape with a total site area of 3,650sqm. This proposal is comprised of 8 three bedroom houses with a total of 16 residential car parking spaces. The proposed dwellings have been designed to respond cohesively to the existing neighbourhood and streetscape with such elements as 10m setbacks, building form, rich landscaping of Australian native species and building alignment to the adjacent dwellings. In addition, each dwelling is designed with a hefty building form at ground level and a well set‐backed upper floor. Considerate setback on the upper level is used mainly to maintain the amenity of the neighbouring dwellings.

The proposal responds to the surrounding nature by providing some outdoor private open spaces and external landscaping that includes existing and new trees, planting in various species and landscape features in each dwelling.

  • Description:

    8 houses

  • Construction Value:


  • Services Provided:

    Concept, Architectural Design/ DA