George street HOTEL

This 50metre – 16 storey hotel was approved by the City of Sydney on February 20th 2017. PBD prepared a detailed Design Report to accompany the DA which looked closely at the Heritage context, surrounding built-form and Architectural solution. Working with Council to deliver a scheme which complimented the existing heritage component was paramount in its success.

Bonus height was granted for restoring the existing heritage façade to its original condition and working with the constraints of the existing floor levels across the podium. The approved scheme includes a four-level podium (three of which will be retail) and a 12-storey tower element incorporating 123 boutique rooms. A central glazed recess will differentiate the heritage façade from the new built-form component. This subtle gesture also clearly defines the lobby entrance for the tower/ hotel element above.

To the north and hovering above the library, a pattern of precast concrete panels and treated metal cladding is inspired by the pattern of stacked library bookshelves acknowledging the Haymarket Library next door.